Blood Bowl – Display Board, Final

By Craig, on October 16th, 2016

I finished my display board!

It’s not as cool as I had hoped in my heart of hearts, but it’s something. I wanted small and portable, and this thing will fit into my GW case pretty easily because of the modularity of the pieces.

The red dirt looks really nice on the model bases, but done large like this I think it’s a little gaudy, and the highlights/contrasts are a little difficult looking to my eyes.

And even though I made good use of the Basius, it’s too flat and needed maybe a cliff or something to set some elements apart.

Maybe I’ll re-do the back bit with a little rise in the future. Or maybe I’ll leave it as is…

imag2179.jpg imag2180.jpg imag2181.jpg imag2182.jpg

Original author: Craig
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