Blood Bowl – Display Tray

By Craig, on August 17th, 2016

My goal is to win best army, away from Clayton, this Blood Bowl season. To that end, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into the models, making fluffy conversions and now building a display tray!

I have MDF lying around my house for just such occasions. I started by picking a piece of an appropriate size and lying out the items I want to put on it in a pleasing manner.


It didn’t start in this configuration. I took a photo at one point, and looking at the different view helped a lot in being able to figure out which pieces were too close to each other, and which pieces weren’t framed right. Part of this process is placing those taller pieces in a way such that they aren’t unbalanced visually.

imag2070.jpg imag2071.jpg

I drew out the outlines of the pieces so I could keep the layout organized while I worked and then I took my trusty wireless Dremel, cut out the edges and then used two types of sanding bits to sand down the edges.

I have a couple thoughts about what to do from here, some of them easier than others.

I’ve previously used the Vallejo texture paint to paint in the non-model places. This is relatively easy. My existing bases for these models were pressed with SculptIt and Basius pads. (which, it turns out, I didn’t specifically write about). I could try to do something similar, but I don’t know how I would do it. The pad isn’t entirely that one texture, so I’d have to do it in stages, letting it dry after each stage. Then I’d have to sculpt the edges of each stage, and there is a risk that it might look “copy pasted”. Which it kind of would be. › I’d also have to very carefully prepare the places for the models, cutting then sculpting those edges as well. I could do something a little easier (maybe) and use the Basius to press larger independent sections, then cutting and placing on the base. SculptIt is very hard to cut once it has dried, so while this would be easier to make the texture pieces, it would be harder to cut up. Then I just now thought maybe I could use Sculpy. It dries softer. But it would be more work keeping the texture in place while I peeled the Sculpy off since you have to bake the Sculpy. Maybe you can bake the Basius? Something to look into.
Original author: Craig
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