Blood Bowl - podcast spoiler roundup!

Blood Bowl - podcast spoiler roundup!

Delighted our friends at skulls and ones secured an interview with Andy Hoare and James Hewitt, the guys behind the new Blood Bowl release!

If you've not heard the episode yet, check it out via this link:

What we already know:
• the game is out 25 November
• the main box, the skaven team, and the death one rulebook constitute the first wave of releases

Some nuggets from the show:
• dwarfs will be released in a couple of months
• the team have deliberately kept close to the CRP
• (probably) only two roster tweaks - we know that humans catchers at 60k are one, and learned its because the models still look av7
• skaven gutter runners now get a new skill, to reflect knifes on the miniature. Called "Weeping Dagger" (Extraordinary), they can reroll a Badly Hurt results (wow).
• illegal procedure is not compulsory, no surprise there
• special play cards are more numerous, and could be more central to league play
• league rules have had lots of options added
• the "off season" is introduced, including redrafting/rebuying of players
• certain players will now get bored and try to retire after a certain time. You can stop them, but it comes at a higher rebuy cost
• spiralling expenses is now optional
• petty cash has been changed a bit
• if you have more than 100k in your treasury after the post match, you could lose some after random events, and if more than 300k, you could lose ALL of it
• stadium and sponsorship rules are possible for the future
• a PDF will come out on release with rules for ALL the CRP rosters, plus pact and underworld (but not slann, khorne,  brettonians or simyin - yes, they namechecked our roster!)
• any new rosters will have to meet a high playtest threshold to make it in, purely out of respect for the player base
• piling on is not a compulsory allow for leagues!

And some non BB news:
• Adeptus Titanicus is confirmed
• Necromunda and Mordheim are also on the wishlist
• Gorkamorka... probably not (but maybe some slim hope for a combo with Necromunda!)

Listen to the cast! Great work skulls and ones!

UPDATE 13/11/2016: The NAF has done some excellent work to clarify the Weeping Daggers skill with the GW guys.  The wording is that “if the result is Badly Hurt after any rerolls..." (and I guess that means apoth) "..., then roll a d6, and on a 4+ the player misses the next game.  If you are not playing a league, the skill has no effect”.  

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Comments 4

Shteve0 on Friday, 11 November 2016 21:03

2000 hits! Unbelievable

2000 hits! Unbelievable :)
Shteve0 on Saturday, 12 November 2016 20:48

Updated 13/11/2016 to reflect the NAF's clarification of the weeping dagger skill (including a linkback)

Updated 13/11/2016 to reflect the NAF's clarification of the weeping dagger skill (including a linkback)
ThreeDieBlock on Sunday, 13 November 2016 21:30

Simyin got namechecked! Ha ha awesome!

Simyin got namechecked! Ha ha awesome! :D
Shteve0 on Sunday, 13 November 2016 21:55

I know right! Delighted

I know right! Delighted :D