Blood Bowl – Skaven Rat Ogre and Thrower

By Craig, on April 5th, 2017

I finally made enough in-game money to buy my rat ogre!!!!

This is a big deal. I’ve had about 16 games this season, and I’ve been saving up to buy him since the first one.

I bought one a large number of games ago, but he died 3 turns into his career. Like dead, apothecary, re-roll to dead. I’ve been living from paycheque to paycheque since that day, having many dead rats and needing to buy basic linerats to keep the team going. I’ve rolled twice on Expensive Mistakes and lost 50k to it. I almost played a game where I got 800k in inducements. >.<

But finally, my last game I got my break. I rolled a 3 for cash, won the game and had +2 FAME. I took the chance and re-rolled the treasury and it came up 6!

So now I have to paint the guy. And also this thrower, who is also a big deal.


One guide I read recommended an offensive and a defensive thrower. The off. thrower has all the good throwing skills – accurate, extra hand, +ag, etc. The def. thrower you give him block first skill. You put him on the table because you want a model with Pass and Sure Hands so you can get all the defensive touchdowns.

I almost forgot to put paint on the thrower, but managed to get some colours on him from the remnants of the base coat I used on the rat ogre. These are the last models in the team that don’t have any paint on them, (although not the last models to be finished — lots in a “half done” stage) so it’ll be nice to have a “fully painted” team. Hopefully I can keep this painting up into the next month to finish the team off. ›

Original author: Craig
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