Blood Bowl – Undead Rotter

By Craig, on September 28th, 2016

I had the pleasure of gutting Ryan during our league game this month. He’s playing Nurgle, and after having played against Nurgle a few times, I think they might be a hard team to play. I might also be very lucky against them, taking out their Claw or Mighty Blow or Claw/Mighty Blow players early in each game. ›

I killed 2 of his guys, but one of them had Regeneration (so was ineligible for Resurrection). Thankfully this rotter died as well, and he’ll make a lovely Zombie for my team! His name is Chickenpox Clark. And I only ever remember the names of the guys I raised from the dead. ›


He’s super simple at this point, white primer, Dheneb Stone all over and sepia in the recesses. I probably should have highlighted up first, but here we are. He’ll need to be more of a sickly green before I’m done, and more green than the ghouls are even though they are basically the same paint scheme at this point.

Original author: Craig
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