Committee Minutes May 2017

Date: 28th May
Paul absent for first discussion, all others present.

League Director Election
The LD election is due – we will have 2 weeks for nominations, 2 weeks for discussion, 1 week for voting. A specification of the job will be posted alongside.

Update on website
– It is now possible to include new races in the rankings. There will be a referendum after the League Director election on whether Khorne and Bretonnians should be added.
– A face lift for the site would be helpful to show that there are new features.
– It would be helpful to be able to filter by rulebook. One way to do this would be to have more detailed W/D/L analysis available, rather than rankings in themselves.
– Once the variants filter is in place, the Blood Bowl ranking will not be affected by Dungeonbowl, Sevens, Online etc.

Paul joined the meeting:

Treasurer’s report
– Portugese Eurobowl team have been given a loan
– Welsh Eurobowl team have been given a loan
– Payments have been made for the website developments
– Balance has reduced a lot as a result,
– big increase in renewals as well
– Reiterated that renewals cost 5 of most currencies in face to face to keep the sums easy

Gifts and Trophies update
Torsten delivered trophies to US. Torsten/Manuel to email the NTOs explaining the distribution network. Australia and New Zealand have had theirs sent out. Torsten will keep an inventory of supplies. Committee will reiterate that you get one reroll token per renewal, so that we don’t run out.

World Cup update
The SBBM are becoming an association. The team is under production, as are the pitches, and the rules are under discussion. Registrations will begin October 2018.

Reaction to rules in Death Zone 2
– 80k wizard is problematic, possibly too good. Allowed but not recommended.
– Optional goblins until the end of July, then beginning of August new stars and rosters are mandatory.

Allocation of Majors
– Discussion of which tournaments should be Majors, this will be kept under review, including if there could be a Major in South America.

Date of next meeting
23rd July, same time.

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