Deeproot Interview

By PeterD

Dear Blood Bowler!
Here`s one of the very rare interviews with Deeproot,. You can read the full interview in the upcoming magazin “Treemen`s Health” (TH) in June 2017:

TH: Deeproot, what happens there at the NAFC 17 with your Halfling team? 12th place in the final standings?
Deeproot: It was a miracle, we all can`t believe it!
TH: What was the secret, was it the Halfling master chef?
Deeproot: Yeah, he was one important person in the team. But we`ve the best Halfling chef from the whole Auenland. He was the chef in the most famous restaurant…..”The Golden Dust Bunny”. Halflings standing there, waiting for hours to get a table!
TH: Did you try his food?
Deeproot: No, all players have done a diet in the last months, the Halflings reduced their meals to 4 steaks a day and I become a vegetarian since half a year!
TH: You mean…
Deeproot: Yes
TH: You`ve eaten animals?
Deeproot: Not only animals, there has been so many bad referees in the last years in Blood Bowl.
TH: Let`s talk about the 6 games at the NAFC `17
Deeproot: Do you want to know about our first turn? The Pro Elves from Griptenstien missed a 3+ Dodge roll with Dodge, the ball was one square from the middle …direction end zone, in a tackle zone, so we throw a Halfling, he scatters very well, lands perfect,  picks up the ball , dodge out and
make 2 GFI. 1:0 in Turn one, 2:0 at the end.
TH: Unbelievable……….and the luck continues?
Deeproot: Yes! Beaten Mortimers Skaven lucky 2:1 in game 2
TH: …and Ceetee`s Pro Elves in game 3?
Deeproot: What a battle, 1:0 for the Halflings in Turn 8,  the Elves kills a Treeman before halftime, with a one turner 2:2 at the end. Spectacular, Cpt. Rioja saves a draw!  At the end of day one we`ve made 15 Cas!
TH: Game 4 against the Darkelves from Straume….
Deeproot: 0:3, no chance for us.
TH: Game 5 and 6 against Deeferdan`s Khemri and Nainfa`s Lizards…how did you win these games?
Deeproot: Luck, luck and luck. No Re-Rolls for these two teams in all halfs, “Pouring Rain” in both games (!) and 6 Cas against the Lizards helps a lot.  A Halfling stops the Tomb Guardian train at the sideline with a 2D against Block….and pushes the Tomb Guardian out of the pitch, what a lucky and important roll!  Thanks to all 6 opponents!
TH: So what will be possible with that team?
Deeproot: Imagine we`ve a younger and more talented coach…everything was possible!
TH: I`ve heard ….you`re a pop star now?
Deeproot: Yes, there was  a photo shooting for the next “Treemen`s Health”. I`m not only the cover boy, there was a fold out poster in one to one lifesize. The poster is 4 meters high!  I think the Halflings get a postcard to put it at the
TH: Thank you for the interview!
Deeproot: It was a pleasure!

Deeproot squashes lunchmoney!

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