NAF Minutes July 2017

Meeting held on Skype on 23rd July 2017

Present: Mike (sann0638, President), Paul (geggster, Treasurer), Torsten (tojurub, VP), Nate (gaixo, TD), Gavin (Valen, LD)
League Director handover
– Welcome to Gavin and thanks to Jonas (RoterSternHochDahl)
– Congratulations to Gavin for the winning the election
– Work on the rankings continues, with incorporating variants, including specifically online games. This has caused some interim clashes between the rankings in various places, so would be grateful if Members would be patient in the meantime while these are sorted out (hopefully this week)
– The “recover password” was working, but has now stopped working completely unfortunately. We are concentrating on getting the rankings finished, then will get this working again. In the meantime password recovery is being done manually.
– For each tournament, it is now possible to put in the winner, runner-up, most TD, most Casualties and Stunty Cup winner. We will be asking Tournament Organisers past and present to fill this information in. This is quite a challenge of course, given 2500 tournaments over 15 years so please bear with those tasked with this. The aim is that this information will appear on a revised coach page, showing the tournament record of an individual coach. Watch this space for more information!

Rules Discussion
– The Spanish community (and possibly others) are keen to still be allowed to use CRP in tournaments, for example not to have to include the new goblin positionals.
– While we do recognise this position, we do feel that the changes to CRP are very small, so would encourage everyone to consider carefully whether it is worth having different sets of rules in operation. For example, in two years we want everyone to be using the same rules for the World Cup.
– If a particular TO is considering not being NAF sanctioned due to the new NAF rules, please do contact your local Co-ordinator, or Nate directly, to discuss this.
– The other problem that people have with the new rules is the frequency of changes. We have no reason to expect more than one Death Zone per year going forward, so this is the likely frequency of NAF changes, and again seems reasonable.
– With the new rules for Grak and Crumbleberry, TOs may want to include these stars in their tournament rules pack, that is their individual choice, as previously.
– Before the next Death Zone, NAF committee will consult with NTOs regarding what the individual communities think about the new rules, before deciding about the next version of NAF tournament rules. This will also include getting feedback about how previous rules are working in practice.

Compulsory Membership
– We discussed making it mandatory for people to be NAF members to play in NAF tournaments, but did not want to do anything to discourage people playing in tournaments.
– This included allowing free membership, without the gift, for those who had not joined before.
– We would encourage people to include the £5 in the rules pack, as usually people are happy to sign up when told that it includes some dice and/or a token.
– If people do not want their games recorded, that is their prerogative.

Treasurer Report
– Next two Eurobowl organisers have been lent funds, and the World Cup Organisers are now asking for an advance. We are continuing to keep track on the NAF cash flow.

Leagues Report
– Viagra removed from the League Locator (Mike to make Valen an admin on
– NAF Facebook group for League Commissioners, with at least one admin from each language speaker. Will be opened up to more people in future.
– Handover of OBBLM will happen in the next few days.

Tournaments Report
– Nothing not previously discussed

World Cup Report
– Discussion of the rules, which will be published at least a year in advance of the tournament
– Updates about the World Cup will be posted on the NAF forum, Facebook and the official website (in 5 languages) at
– Torsten has developed a scoring spreadsheet for use during the tournament

Bretonnians and Khorne
– We recognise the feedback given following the last set of minutes.
– The vote about including these races in the database will take place with a deadline of the end of September, with plenty of time for discussion beforehand, including getting the win percentages from Cyanide.
– The vote will be a guide for NAF committee to make the decision, rather than a majority binding vote. We would hope that a substantial number of people would vote, and if there is a substantial majority one way or another that makes the decision easier, but otherwise it is another element of the decision.
– The vote will take place in the same way as NAF elections.

– Another batch of this year’s membership gift needed. Reroll counter very popular and lots of new players. more BB players. Torsten and Manuel to decide amount.

Next meeting
– 10th September, 2030 CET

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Original author: sann0638
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