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Latest update on the rankings!

Thanks to some sterling work from Strider84, Christer and myself (ahem), all the Fumbbl tournaments are now in the database, and the rankings should be correct for them.

Integrating the Online tournaments is still a work in progress, and more will be done in September.  There are some things to be aware of:

the count of NAF tournaments currently includes tabletop and online.  We will be looking to separate these, as well as separating the Grid, and the number of games. if you click on an Online tournament, to get the correct table at the bottom, you need to select Online from the box on the right. the tournament structure currently mirrors that of Fumbbl, so the heats are shown as separate tournaments, as are the playoffs.  This will have an effect on the K-value and thus the changes in ranking points for these mini-tournaments, but due to the volume of uploads needed this was the way it was done.  In future a particular tournament will be amalgamated before being uploaded, and we may go back and adjust previous uploads, if the effects are deemed to be too large. there are more non-NAF coaches in the Fumbbl tournaments than in average tabletop tournaments.  We will hope to reduce this in future, but will not be making it compulsory to be a NAF member to compete. we are investigating the possibility of running NAF tournaments in BB2. there is a new Fumbbl tournament coming soon!  If you want an online ranking, get part of it!  Watch this space…
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