September Committee Minutes

NAF Committee: 10th September 17

Present: Mike, Torsten, Paul
Apologies: Nate, Gavin, Manuel

Website update
The bulk of the adjustments to the database are complete, and from now on it will be cosmetic improvements, such as being easier to find who has won particular tournaments. The activation process also needs fixing, along with some minor tweaks.

World Cup
Torsten’s Excel based software was used at the German Team Bowl with few problems, and will be used at the World Cup, with as many tournaments before then as possible to iron out any remaining bugs.

Treasurer report
More dice and tokens are being ordered as the 2017 gift has proved very popular.

Succession planning 
President election will begin at the end of November. Mike will not be standing again.

New races vote
Torsten to set up asap – will be 2 questions with Khorne yes/no, Bretonnian yes/no if possible. Otherwise 4 options: Both, Khorne, Brets, Neither.

Next meeting – TBC

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