Work on Rankings

As mentioned in the last few NAF minutes, there is a lot of work being done on the NAF rankings, which is causing some instability at the moment.  Some games are missing from people’s profiles, and the numbers will occasionally change.  Please do bear with us until this work is completed, and rest assured that the numbers will return to normal once the work has completed.

This is primarily due to Variants rankings  being introduced, including an Online ranking from the NAF Online tournaments, which has caused a few unforeseen consequences.  Initially the testing was done in a parallel version of the database, but sometimes it takes lots of testers to spot mistakes, so thank you to everyone for your vigilance!

This will also allow us to add bits to the coach page later in the project.  If you have ideas for what would be good on there, let me know.

Updates will appear primarily here or on NAF social media, so please do check in if you have any questions.  I’m leading on the project, and am very happy to answer them!

Mike (sann0638)

NAF President

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