December Minutes

NAF committee meeting 3rd December 2017

Present: Paul, Nate, Mike, Torsten
Apologies: Manuel, Gavin

1. Website update
We’re in the final stages now, the final stage is a live stats page to complement that done by Doubleskulls.

2. World Cup

A team of referees is being put together of many nationalities, headed up by Old Man Draco and Old Man Monkey, and pitches and teams are well in hand! See the website for full details going forward. The Miniature team will be revealed at the Dungeonbowl 2018 and it will be heading on a World Tour as a promotion for the World Cup. The Tour Dates and Tournaments where it will show up will be announced at the Dungeonbowl as well. The official World Cup Pitch will be revealed at the NAF Championship 2018.

3. The 24-26

New patches are being ordered for the 24 and the +2.
Patches can be bought if people have the old one and want the new one, otherwise supplied by the NAF.
For the new patches, at least 3 games with each race will be required, of any tabletop kind.

4. Membership Director update

Planning is beginning on the 2018 gift. Exciting!

5. Election all good to go

6. Thanks to Mike from the Committee for 2 years of Presidency.

Next meeting – in 2018!

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