New Glicko Rankings

Hi all,

Some exciting news for NAF members today, as we are launching our new Glicko ranking system, implimented by Nick Harding / mubo.

These rankings aren’t designed to replace the Elo numbers you’ve been used to since NAF rankings began, they are simply a new way of processing NAF data and ranking coaches, and will run in parallel. The Glicko system is able to introduce new features that some coaches have wanted for many years, such as decay and greater reactivity. You can read more about how they work here and view the ranking page here.

The system is currently in a ‘soft launch’ period, and if you experience any difficulty viewing the page or using the dropdown filters, please flag this up. The rankings will update on a monthly basis, and we hope the April update will be take us to a fully ‘live’ state. As we move forward, you can expect fun and interesting updates and developments to pop up on both and, and we’ll advertise these as and when they become available.

Finally, we’d like to acknowledge Kyrre for his great work parsing the games played in the database so Nick could work with the data and impliment the system.

Please join me in virtually patting Nick on the back for his fantastic work, and enjoy playing with the new system!



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