UKTC Draw for Round 1

Table Match 1 Haychdee (It’s Grim Up North)   vs Elyoukey (Team One Minute) 2 Arcani_Spark (It’s Grim Up North)   vs Sladmortis (Team One Minute) 3 Thedoc *CAPTAIN* (It’s Grim Up North)   vs Justicium *CAPTAIN* (Team One Minute) 4 Vagabond1982uk (It’s Grim Up North)   vs Bibi (Team One Minute) 5 Geggster (Clique and Destroy)   vs Planlos (Ze Germans) 6 Joemanji *CAPTAIN* (Clique and Destroy)   vs Lauth81 *CAPTAIN* (Ze Germans) 7 Jimjimany (Clique and Destroy)   vs Sputnik (Ze Germans) 8 Purplegoo (Clique and Destroy)   vs Candlejack (Ze Germans) 9 FromHerAshes *CAPTAIN* (Granite City Cutters)   vs DonShula (Rampant Saltire) 10 GWI1874 (Granite City Cutters)   vs Garrick (Rampant Saltire) 11 Goldeneye (Granite City Cutters)   vs HumptyTrump (Rampant Saltire) 12 RossAnderson1984 (Granite City Cutters)   vs Purdindas *CAPTAIN* (Rampant Saltire) 13 Cerumol (UKBBL West)   vs Endzone (Team Fantastic) 14 Ugnash (UKBBL West)   vs PeteW (Team Fantastic) 15 20Phoenix (UKBBL West)   vs PurpleChest (Team Fantastic) 16 AndyDavo (UKBBL West)   vs Malmir (Team Fantastic) 17 Varagh (Retromonguers Strike Back)   vs Hana_666 (Sid’s Balls) 18 Lord_Destruccion (Retromonguers Strike Back)   vs AwesomeStu (Sid’s Balls) 19 El_Nota *CAPTAIN* (Retromonguers Strike Back)   vs [s] Reckless (Sid’s Balls) 20 Thibault (Retromonguers Strike Back)   vs [s] AngusDad *CAPTAIN* (Sid’s Balls) 21 Twyllenimor *CAPTAIN* (Total Reroll and FAME)   vs Fireolli *CAPTAIN* (Midtable Marauders) 22 Caid (Total Reroll and FAME)   vs Ringbeard (Midtable Marauders) 23 Junior84 (Total Reroll and FAME)   vs Firebreather (Midtable Marauders) 24 DonJoker (Total Reroll and FAME)   vs Ratman (Midtable Marauders) 25 Sporran *CAPTAIN* (WBBL East)   vs Overgone5 (Dragon Bowl) 26 Inoculator (WBBL East)   vs KingRedwart (Dragon Bowl) 27 Bazooka25 (WBBL East)   vs Avecmontage *CAPTAIN* (Dragon Bowl) 28 TommyBoy80 (WBBL East)   vs Raughri (Dragon Bowl) 29 GColeman76 (UKBBL East)   vs AlexHammer-timeHamilton (Team Wobble) 30 Southern Slayer (UKBBL East)   vs Alsarion (Team Wobble) 31 JimboDeany (UKBBL East)   vs Miserable (Team Wobble) 32 Thyrus *CAPTAIN* (UKBBL East)   vs Spleggy *CAPTAIN* (Team Wobble) 33 Boobootroid (WBBL West)   vs SFisher91 (Team Wales) 34 [s] Nichren *CAPTAIN* (WBBL West)   vs Martinvanquish17 *CAPTAIN*(Team Wales) 35 TJKnights (WBBL West)   vs DaPiranha (Team Wales) 36 [s] Vanguard (WBBL West)   vs Hawca (Team Wales) 37 MattEdge666 (HDWSBBL Team 4: A Lunchbox of Frogs)   vs PunchyMcRageFists (2d6 Box Cars) 38 Arn_Breaner (HDWSBBL Team 4: A Lunchbox of Frogs)   vs Mr_Zay *CAPTAIN* (2d6 Box Cars) 39 Wolimorb (HDWSBBL Team 4: A Lunchbox of Frogs)   vs HeadlessCoach (2d6 Box Cars) 40 Sandwich *CAPTAIN* (HDWSBBL Team 4: A Lunchbox of Frogs)   vs Folly01 (2d6 Box Cars) 41 Yogibedlambear (Chat Shit Get Banged)   vs Scouseboy (Team Wibble) 42 Lycos (Chat Shit Get Banged)   vs Slimjono (Team Wibble) 43 JBone *CAPTAIN* (Chat Shit Get Banged)   vs Tomlin (Team Wibble) 44 Deeferdan (Chat Shit Get Banged)   vs Tommonstrosity *CAPTAIN* (Team Wibble) 45 sann0638 (More by Luck than Judgment)   vs TommyMcG *CAPTAIN* (The Dodgefathers) 46 Skaffen (More by Luck than Judgment)   vs Tarvitz (The Dodgefathers) 47 Moodygit (More by Luck than Judgment)   vs Reximus (The Dodgefathers) 48 Darkson *CAPTAIN* (More by Luck than Judgment)   vs Crit_Hit (The Dodgefathers) 49 Nainfa (Team Baguette)   vs Jawa (Italian Lame Stallions) 50 Budmilka (Team Baguette)   vs MaD *CAPTAIN* (Italian Lame Stallions) 51 Doc_Grotznik *CAPTAIN* (Team Baguette)   vs Parassita (Italian Lame Stallions) 52 Obsidian (Team Baguete)   vs Token (Italian Lame Stallions) 53 Cornish (Idlers of the Marches)   vs Don_Vito *CAPTAIN* (Gazza’s Tears) 54 Dragonborn (Idlers of the Marches)   vs Pipey (Gazza’s Tears) 55 Goldengate (Idlers of the Marches)   vs Podfrey (Gazza’s Tears) 56 Speedingbullet *CAPTAIN* (Idlers of the Marches)   vs Stick_with_poo_on_the_end (Gazza’sTears) 57 Ravening (Team Hard 6 II: Hard 6 Harder)   vs Indibro (Geordie Stars) 58 Flavastraw (team Hard 6 II: Hard 6 Harder)   vs Scally (Geordie Stars) 59 TomLoyn (Team Hard 6 II: Hard 6 Harder)   vs MJW85 (Geordie Stars) 60 GingerNinjaRat *CAPTAIN* (Team Hard 6 II: Hard 6 Harder)   vs Furnie (Geordie Stars) 61 Hard6 *CAPTAIN* (Team Hard6)   vs Arioso *CAPTAIN* (Team NRW) 62 Socialhobbyist (Team Hard6)   vs PeterD (Team NRW) 63 HadrielCaine (Team Hard6)   vs Rotersternhochdahl (Team NRW) 64 Warptunneler (Team Hard6)   vs DocMaxx (Team NRW) 65 Zulu (Reclaiming Jorvik)   vs Simon_ACP (Team Big Melon) 66 Endalos (Reclaiming Jorvik)   vs Olivierdulac (Team Big Melon) 67 Straume *CAPTAIN* (Reclaiming Jorvik)   vs Clement0 *CAPTAIN* (Team Big Melon) 68 Bothun (Reclaiming Jorvik)   vs Samdulac (Team Big Melon) 69 Jazmin (Return of the Retromonguers)   vs Spitzberg (DBBL Overlooked) 70 Elperas *CAPTAIN* (Return of the Retromonguers)   vs Molusmaximus (DBBL Overlooked) 71 Millimetal (Return of the Retromonguers)   vs Pigmental *CAPTAIN* (DBBL Overlooked) 72 Begoter (Return of the Retromonguers)   vs Gillywonka (DBBL Overlooked) 73 [s] Insidious (UKBBL Stunty)   vs Kfoged (Three Champs and a Chump) 74 [s] CharlieBanks *CAPTAIN* (UKBBL Stunty)   vs Mubo (Three Champs and a Chump) 75 DougLowe (UKBBL Stunty)   vs Beanbag *CAPTAIN* (Three Champs and a Chump) 76 [s] Llandien (UKBBL Stunty)   vs Sizzler (Three Champs and a Chump) 77 Gethyn (2d6 Snake Eyes)   vs ChoiDivision (The Tackle Zone) 78 [s] Coach_Keeper (2d6 Snake Eyes)   vs Wulfyn *CAPTAIN* (The Tackle Zone) 79 Matt_Evans (2d6 Snake Eyes)   vs Greshvakk (The Tackle Zone) 80 Heartsbane *CAPTAIN* (2d6 Snake Eyes)   vs Vmcat (The Tackle Zone)
Original author: sann0638
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