WBBL League Rules
4. Penalties (pending)

1. Pre-season for new teams:

All new teams must start at 1,000,000gp and may each play up to three 'preseason' matches before the regular season commences. These preseason matches are to only be played with other new teams and organised via the wbbl page at
  • During preseason matches you do not incur any injury above a badly hurt (may still use tactical apo on these if you wish), meaning that there is no long-term risk to players. 
  • You may keep all spp as normal and mvp is awarded to a player of your choosing.
  • Do not roll for FAME - all FAME is zero for preseason games.
  • Winnings may only be d3 instead of d6.
  • Redrafted teams may not participate in pre-season.
These games are to give new teams a valuable TV boost before the season begins and familiarise new coaches with the blood bowl rules, but are not a requirement to take part in the league, and create no obligation to take the team forward into the season. However no team may play against more than one team coached by any given opponent. There's no limit on how many pre-season games a coach can play, provided each team plays no more than three games and each team is of a different race.

2. Regular Season:

The formal league will start in August and be held at Counter Culture on Victoria st. Teams will be drawn in conferences of a size determined by numbers.  Then once conferences are drawn, Daimon, Steve and Dawid will vote to determine which 2 teams in each conference will be seeded, ie are the favourites to qualify from each group for the playoffs. This will be a decision based on coach experience and race tier of the teams picked etc and will result in restrictions on who the seeded teams may play in cross conference games.
Games can be played anywhere at any time as agreed by the coaches taking part, though there will be space and kit provided at Counter Culture every Tuesday.

Each coach may submit up to two teams for the regular season. In these cases the teams will be not be allowed to play each other (ie will be kept separate in the group draw).

Matches are to be organised amongst yourselves in advance on the wbbl endzone weekly group thread, and post match reports and skill picks/purchases must be submitted ASAP at We ask that both coaches keep a record of all game data as they are jointly responsible for getting the result logged accurately and in reasonable time.

As per normal, a win is awarded 3 points, a draw 2 points and a loss is 1 point. MVP awards are FREELY chosen.

In addition we will be adding sportsmanship during the regular league season as an extra incentive in several key areas that I feel need addressing.  Sportsmanship points are given by the league admin under these circumstances, and are only awarded in the event that results are logged by the time
  • + 1 point - awarded to a team with a filed match report and all player skills, purchases etc completed within 24hrs after the game. 
  • + 1 point - awarded to a coach for pro-actively and clearly arranging a game in advance on the relevant weekly endzone thread (and not relying on me to contact you outside of the thread to arrange it for you, I'm not your mum)
  • + 1 point - awarded to a coach per match played with a fully painted, fully numbered and clearly skill-marked team.
The key detail here though, is that should 2 teams draw level on points at the end if the season, it will be decided on sportsmanship points before goal difference or casualties.  If you miss out on a play off spot due to this then it's your own fault for not being a good sport  

A commissioner will post a weekly movements discussion in the group page at too, and will list the options and fixtures that are available to people within and across their respective conferences. You must arrange these games yourself as mentioned above to be absolutely guaranteed a game. 

3. Playoffs and Finals: 

The top 2 (or 3 depending on numbers) teams in each conference will go through to the finals and the WBBL trophy will be awarded to the winner.  Teams are ranked based on total points, then sportsmanship points, then highest net touchdowns, followed by highest net casualties.  In the event that a coach finishes with two teams in playoff spots at the season's end, the highest place of the two in their group will be put through; or if both finish in equal position in their group, then the one with the most points and tiebreakers as above.
Teams finishing in the highest position in their group will be top seeds for the playoff and avoid another top finishing team in the first round.  Teams finishing 1st and 2nd in the same group will be placed on opposite sides of the draw to ensure they cannot meet again until the final (assuming they make it!)
Playoff rounds take place on Tuesday at the club venue.  If you are unable to commit to the full playoffs and think you might qualify, you should notify a commissioner before the draw takes place to alert them to this fact.
Playoff rounds cannot end in a draw.  Prior to the game the two coaches should agree the means of determining the winner after the game concludes.
  • the two teams may apply the overtime rules as detailed in the blood bowl rulebook of their agreement.
  • the two teams may play an additional half of 'golden goal' - roll again for kick off, but do not roll on the kick off table.  The kick off is automatically a Blitz! result.  The game ends as soon as either team scores.
  • the two teams participate in Penalties (rules below).  Note that if no other system is explicitly agreed prior to kick off, then this is automatically the default arrangement.  This rule is applied to look after those with a limited time in which to complete the game.
4. Penalties
[to add]

5. Post-Season awards
We will schedule a one day tournament to mark the end of the WBBL season.  The trophy and end of season awards - including the much coveted Ballon D'Orc (the WBBL 'player of the season' award) - will take place at the end of the tournament.
6. Redrafting
We will be using the Glittering Prizes and Raising Funds rules on page 41 of the 2017 Handbook. We will not be using the Offseason or Re-drafting rules, and instead will use a modified version.

Note we are working on a simpler way of processing this to make it easy for coaches to manage their redrafting processes - this section is just for information.


At the end of the league season, teams may be redrafted using the following process:

6.1. Print off your teamsheet. Check the number of games played by players you'd like to keep - for each match played by a player add 1k to their value, to represent the experience of the player. This will be automatically added on to players in the site starting from the new season in August. 

6.2. Calculate your season budget as follows:
- Final team treasuries are retained
- Each team gets 1,000,000 gold pieces automatically
- Add 10k for each game the team played this season (including playoffs and preseason games), up to a maximum of 100k
- Add 10k for each touchdown scored during the season (by any means), up to a maximum of 100k
- Add 10k for each each casualty recorded in favour of the team during the season (by any means), up to a maximum of 100k
- Losing semi-finalists each receive an additional 30k
- The winner of the final receives 100k in prize money.  The losing team receives 60k in prize money.

WMD SIDES (ie all teams pre-2017) ONLY - 

Teams that existed prior to the new system and have not redrafted previously (ie played in a season before 2017) may redraft with a fixed budget of 1.4m. This means that many if these teams will probably only be able to bring back a few of their players in amongst an otherwise rookie team. 

6.3. Work out who you want to keep and who you will need to let go from your roster.
- fan factor is kept and free, so no need to cost that in!
- all existing rerolls on the roster may be rebought at their *original* price. Note that in the following step, any additional rerolls cost *double* the original price, as normal.
- apothecaries, coaches and cheerleaders cost their *original* price to rebuy.
- players cost their *current* team value to rehire for the coming season (this represents their salary). In addition, any retained players cost an additional 1k premium for each career game played (representing their escalating sense of self worth!). This premium will be added to each player by the admin once your redraft options have been submitted.

6.4. Any money left over after purchasing existing goods and disposing of players and goods you don't want will be lost for all eternity. 

6.5. All redrafted teams must have a minimum of 11 rostered players to be able to participate in the first league game of the season. 

Redrafted teams MAY NOT play in pre-season friendlies.

ANY questions regarding this process please fire away to Steve and I. 
It seems a little daunting at first glance but it's pretty easy really. I experimented with my Amazon's from last season and only had to remove 1 or 2 players in the end, but obviously for any team that's played multiple seasons those premiums sure do stack up! 
7. Deathzone rules
Coaches with a copy of CRP, the new rulebook, the unofficial handbook or LRB6 will be able to use those books as a reference, with the following clarifications:
The Piling On skill will be permitted, but must be used in line with the wording in the death zone 2 rulebook that requires the use of a team reroll for its activation.   All skills from death zones 1 and 2 are included.

All new death zone 1 and 2 star players and roster changes will be permitted.  Infamous coaching staff are used, and replace the wizard from crp, which is no longer a valid inducement.  The three 'bugmans' stars are included.  All valid stars are included on the website.
The spiralling expenses table from CRP/LRB6 is not used.  Instead the deathzone 1 expensive mistakes table is used at the end of each match (including the last game each team plays).
The CRP/LRB6/Unofficial Handbook pre-match inducement order applies for simplicity.  Ask a  commissioner if you're unsure as to what this means.
None of the exclusive My Dugout app teams may be used.  Nor do stadium rules, limited or separately sold cards, famous referees etc. Grombrindal, the Black Gobbo, Grak and Crumbeberry may not be used.  Special play cards will be provided from the club decks only.
8. WBBL special rules

All 24 NAF sanctioned teams are available to pick, including slann, underworld and chaos pact In addition, the Khorne, Brettonnian and Simyin rosters will be valid (with star players allocated on the site page, check it if you're unsure). Teams don't have to be painted to any decent standard, or indeed painted at all, just as long as the miniatures obviously represent what they are on the field and are numbered, clearly, and visible to both coaches. However, bear in mind that you won't get those sportsmanship points if your models aren't painted.. 
If you want to use your own dice in a game, you should seek the approval of your opponent before any rolls are made, and accept their decision gracefully and calmy.  If they decline, immediately put your dice away and use the dice provided at the club.  It's basic manners.
Illegal procedure is not used in the WBBL.  If you opponent forgets to move his or her marker, please remind them.
Above all - don't be a dick!  Everyone is an ambassador of the league.  The WBBL is a fun and casual club for like-minded people who don't take the game too seriously.  If winning is more important to you than your and your opponent's mutual enjoyment, you should possibly consider taking up a more competitive game system instead.  Always remember that sportsmanship points are discretionary.
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