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    Hi folks,

    Just letting you guys know that Alan (abristow) has had to go into hiding for a season after being put under investigation for "employment overlap irregularities"
    Rumours that the Hutt Young Boys' cheerleading squad, a novelty space hopper, and an industrial scale vat of hummus were involved are, as yet, regrettably unverified.

    However this does mean that we are down to 25 teams now so it seemed obvious to make all conferences into 5s. The result is a minor reshuffle of the reikland reformers moving into the wolf lands conference from the sea of claws after randomising a team in that conference. If you go into the league tables now, you will already see that these 5 conferences are now all equal in numbers.

    Don't worry, we're still putting top 3 in each plus wildcard through to the finals too!

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