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    Been hosting our OBBLM site for many years but now I am a bit stuck in activating a plugin. We don't run the NAF version of OBBLM but I noticed the team creator plugin with the DZ2 rules package and I can't get it to work (or can't find it on the site?).
    Files are in place, I edited handler, settings_modules and modsheader to include the plugin and doublechecked so everything is correct. Do I need to activate it in more files?

    Then another question. We have an achievement system in place on our site. This one required some work from my friend and he did edit quite a couple of files to get it to work. How does upgrading the site to the NAF version affect this? I guess I would need to overwrite a couple of files and maybe break the achievement plugin? Maybe not? Any way I can easily check what files that I need to update?
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