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    Digging in the archives...

    Autumn 2517:
    Champion - Fast and Dark (OrcCleaver, Dark Elf)
    Runner up - The Garbage Pail Kids (Barberfett, Undead)

    Old World Cup 2516:
    Champion - Ink Pink Yo Skink (ramchop, Lizardman)
    Runner up - Fairweather Friends (opulis, Norse)

    Champion - Brutal Deluxe (Paul, Chaos)
    Runner up - Black Creek Divers (opulis, Slann)
    Minor Premier - Brutal Deluxe (Paul, Chaos) 26 points

    WMD Season 3
    Champion - Blood Claret (StephenE, Vampire)
    Runner up - Ashbane Vendettas (Shteve0, Dark Elf)

    Spring 2515:
    Champion - Agile Grace (pdarby, Wood Elf)
    Runner up - Doddle (ramchop, Skaven)
    Minor Premier - Doddle (ramchop, Skaven) 24 points

    WMD Season 2
    Champion - Fairweather Friends (opulis, Norse)
    Runner up - Ashbane Vendettas (Shteve0, Dark Elf)

    Fall 2515:
    Champion - Wave of Mutilation (opulis, Necromantic)
    Runner up - The Superiors (deanzzz, High Elf)
    Minor Premier - The Superiors (deanzzz, High Elf) 26 points

    Spring 2514:
    Champion - The New World Order (opulis, Lizardman)
    Runner up - Tree Hugging Hippies (pdarby, Slann)
    Minor Premier - Tree Hugging Hippies (pdarby, Slann) 25 points

    WMD Season 1
    Champion - Khorne's Reavers (Malfeasor, Chaos)

    Fall 2514:
    Champion - Twilight Twinkle Toes (deanzzz, Wood Elf)
    Runner up - Ashbane Vendettas (Shteve0, Dark Elf)
    Minor Premier - Fairweather Friends (opulis, Norse) 27 points

    Winter 2513:
    Champion - The Black Lions (Paul, Elf)
    Runner up - Virtuous Vermin (opulis, Skaven)
    Minor Premier - Khorne's Reavers (Malfeasor, Chaos) 28 points

    Summer 2513:
    Champion - Hell on Wheels (Paul, Orc)
    Runner up - FKZN (Shteve0, Chaos Pact)
    Minor Premier - Scum Suckers (opulis, Nurgle) 32 points

    Summer 2512:
    Champion - Gnarl'em Globerotters (Shteve0, Undead)
    Runner up - Blood N Skulls (StephenE, Norse)

    Champion - Lyonesse Lions (deanzzz, Bretonnian)
    Runner up - Gunners (Paul, Dwarf)

    Champion - Jumping Jaguars (deanzzz, Amazon)
    Runner up - The Underminers (opulis, Chaos Dwarves)

    Champion - Blood & Skulls (StephenE, Norse)
    Runner up - Purple People Beaters (opulis, Undead)

    Champion - Woodland Windrunners (Sandune, Wood Elf)
    Runner up - Astrogranite Sharks (Tarzom, Orc)

    Champion - Dark Magic (deanzzz, Dark Elf)
    Runner up - Weeping Sores (Tarzom, Nurgle)
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