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    Right chaps, here comes the second week of round 3. There are a few teams who are behind, so I'd advise that you perhaps think about arranging those games in hand with the others to avoid slipping behind too much.

    Please arrange games below as you see fit and I'll help out with matchups if you need it.
    I'll post a screenshot of my conference picture below too for referencing who you can and cannot play.

    1. Magritta Blazers (barberfett/bret) v Cereal Killers (pdarby/helf) Grey Mountains Conference

    2. Battenburg Barons (distractedsatrap/humans) v Night Terrors (shteve0/vamps) cross conf unseeded

    3. Army of Darkness (gruul/necro) v Liverpummelled BBC (guvna0/orc)
    Cross Conference unseeded

    4. Chaos All-Stars (gallandro/chaos) v Middenheim Allsorts (nebula/human)
    Cross Conference unseeded

    5. Skavenblight Scramblers (jdragon/skaven) v Da Deff Skwadd (chrisparkin/orc)
    Wolf Lands Conference

    6. Hutt Young Boys (opulis/fling) v Crimson Eagles (dteam/helf) Silk Road Conference
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