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    Good morning chaps, here is the thread for the first week of round 4s fixtures as we approach mid season. Please post your availability below and arrange matches as you can. I'll post a who's played what chart below too.

    1. Crimsom Eagles (helf/dteam) v The Night Terrors (shteve0/vampire) Silk Road Conference

    2. Los Pollos Vermanos (mushoomy/underworld) v Hacky Sack (Ramchop/ogre) cross conference unseeded

    3. Orange Crush (cicerius/human) v Hurly Burly (nebula/chorf)
    Wolf Lands Conference

    4. Skavenblight Scramblers (jdragon/skaven) v Deff Skwadd (chrisparkin/orc) wolf lands conference

    5. Four Angry Inches (notthatguy/dwarf) v Cuba St Massochists (opulis/pact) Black Gulf Conference

    6. Azhogz Ard Edz (jebjeb/orc) v Chaos All-Stars (gallandro/chaos) Sea of Claws Conference

    7. Liverpummelled (guvna0/orc) v Magritta Blazers (barberfett/bret) Grey Mountains Conference

    8. Green Light (OrcCleaver/woody) v Miramar Morbid (Tackledummy/khemri)
    Cross Conference seeded
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