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    Chaps and chapettes!

    Next Tuesday we head into round 5 of the best WBBL season yet and things are starting to take shape as we head toward the playoff picture.

    Please state your availability below and arrange matches as you see fit.
    Grid of conference matchup to follow below.

    1. Green Light (woodies/orccleaver) v Kairangi Risers (simyin/barberfett) cross conf seeded

    2. Crimson Eagles (dteam/helf) v Hacky Sack (ogre/Ramchop)
    Silk Road Conference

    3. Cereal Killers (helf/pdarby) v Los Pollos Vermanos (under/mushoomy) Grey Mountains Conference

    4. Norvard Exiles (Norse/shteve0) v Hurly Burly (chorf/nebula) cross conf seeded

    5. Cuba St Massochists (pact/opulis) v Ard Edz (orc/jebjeb) cross conf seeded

    6. 4 angry inches (dorf/notthatguy) v Orange Crush (humie/cicerius) cross conf unseeded

    7. Chaos All-Stars (chaos/gallandro) v Reikland Reformers (human/bathtub)
    Cross Conference unseeded
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