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    First of all congratulations to Cicerius on gaining a ST7 Ogre!!! I told you you couldn't get to ST7 without taking the ST6 mate!

    We head into the penultimate round of the regular league season next week. Please state your movements for next Tuesday and issue challenges as you see fit. Please see the conference chart below, as many of you have played all 3 of your cross conference games already, so please be aware of this.
    There are 4 teams behind and these teams should all play asap if possible and they are liverpummelled, army of darkness, massochists and night terrors.

    1. Magritta Blazers (bret/barberfett) v Los Pollos Vermanos (under/mushoomy) Grey Mountains Conference

    2. Hacky Sack (ogre/ramchop) v 4 Angry Inches (dorf/notthatguy) cross conf unseeded

    3. Liverpummelled (orc/guvna0) v Night Terrors (vamp/shteve0) cross conference unseeded

    4. Azhogz Ard Edz (orc/jebjeb) v Army of Darkness (necro/gruul) Sea of Claws Conference

    5. For Mork Sake (orc/dteam) v Chaos All-Stars (chaos/gallandro) Sea of Claws Conference

    6. Hurly Burly (chorf/nebula) v Reikland Reformers (human/bathtub) wolf lands conference
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