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    Right folks this is the penultimate week before we finish off the season. It's now pretty straight forward with who people have got play so I'm going to go ahead and list everyone's possible options and available fixtures below. Please arrange as you see fit.

    Please correct me if any of this is incorrect or confusing. Good luck!

    Grey mountain conference:

    Green Light - blazers AND Liverpummelled
    Blazers - green light only
    Los Pollos - all stars OR allsorts
    Liverpummelled - green light AND cereal
    Cereal Killers - liverpummelled AND eagles

    Sea Of Claws Conference:

    Exiles - darkness AND ard edz?
    Ard Edz - darkness AND exiles
    Darkness - ard edz AND exiles and either young boys or night terrors
    Mork Sake - young boys or night terrors or Scramblers.
    All-Stars - Los pollos or night terrors or young boys

    Silk Road Conference:

    Risers - night terrors AND Hacky Sack
    Hacky Sack - risers only
    Night Terrors - Risers and either darkness, Scramblers or allstars
    Young boys - mork sake, Scramblers, darkness or allstars.
    Eagles - cereal killers AND massochists

    Black Gulf Conference:

    Massochists - eagles, morbid AND barons
    Morbid - massochists AND allsorts?
    Barons - massochists AND angry inches?
    Angry Inches - barons
    Allsorts - morbid, Los pollos?

    Wolf Lands Conference:

    Deff squad - reformers AND hurly burly
    Hurly Burly - deff squad only
    Reformers - deff squad only
    Orange Crush - Scramblers only
    Scramblers - Orange Crush AND young boys or night terrors or mork sake

    Confirmed Games for Tuesday:

    1. Night Terrors (vanp/shteve0) v Risers (ape/barberfett) silk road conference

    2. Cereal Killers (helf/pdarby) v Crimson Eagles (helf/dteam) cross conference seeded

    3. Massochists (pact/opulis) v barons (human/distractedtrap) black gulf conference

    4. Morbid (khemri/tackledummy) v Allsorts (Human/nebula) black gulf conference

    5. Orange crush (human/cicerius) v Skavenblight Scramblers (rat/jdragon) wolf lands conference
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